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Please complete this form and attach the association documents. Please complete this entire section for your association using the proper LEGAL name. The address should be within the community, this information will be used to generate a map on the community info page.

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  We need the PROPERTY MANAGER'S contact information.
This will be the person who will handle the day-to-day projects and questions concerning this association's website.
This contact will be identified as the authorized contact for COMWeb. No special web skills are required.

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  We need information about any previous site for this association.
If there is a URL (website address) we will move it to our Domain Name Servers and maintain it for you..
If there is no URL we will purchase one for you.

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  In order to setup the Resident Directory for your site, we will need some information from you. 
These privacy settings are easily changed after the site is built.

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  In order to setup the Calendar for your site, we will need some information from you. 
You will be entering your own events on the calendar but we will enter your board meetings to start you off.
Most board meetings are established as a recurring event such as the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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